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Russians buy less alcohol

However, not all types of alcohol reduced demand.

Russians buy less alcohol

Fiscal data operator Takskom cited data on alcohol sales in Russia for the pandemic period - from March to July.

On average, sales fell 15%. It is noted that in March, when the pandemic was increasing, as well as the restrictive measures of the authorities, the Russians increased the demand for alcohol (compared to the same period last year).

Then, until mid-summer, compared with low sales in April, demand grew - but still did not reach the volume that it was last year.

Sales of sparkling wines fell by a third. For strong alcohol (vodka, whiskey, rum, etc.), demand decreased by 13%.

However, there are also types of alcohol that consumers paid attention to more often during these months than last year. Such a drink was, in particular, cider. Sales of it increased by 7%.

If we talk about the average price of alcohol, then it decreased by 2%.


Photo: ndnews

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