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Honda plans to stop petrol car production in 2022

This is 3 years ahead of the previously announced deadline.

Honda plans to stop petrol car production in 2022

The Japanese auto giant Honda significantly accelerates the timing of switching of its products sold in Europe to electric power. This was reported in a new press release of the automaker, where the date of cessation of car production with an internal combustion engine is 2022, instead of 2025, which was announced earlier.

Thus, in two years, European motorists will not be able to purchase Honda cars running on gasoline or diesel fuel. At the same time, they have already stopped the supply of new cars with ICE and all products available on the market (warehouse balances from earlier deliveries) in certain parts of Europe, for example, in the UK.

In the future, similar decisions will be made in other markets where the company's products are sold, the Honda press service said.


Photo: Honda

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