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Belarus launches two new Geely models

In Belarus, the BelG plant will start the production of new Geely models. The company has already received approval for the production of the FY11 Tugella coupe crossover and the GS hatchback.

Belarus launches two new Geely models

BelG received approval to produce two new models of the company. They plan to make car production on the regular. We are talking about a coupe crossover FY11 Tugella and a GS hatchback. The last car is already being sold in the car market of Russia.

Geely GS is supplied to Russia from China. By the end of the year, they plan to start selling Tugella FY11 in the Russian Federation, which will also be brought from China. By mid- 2021, the Russian car market will be replenished with the Geely Atlas Pro, which will also be produced by BelG.

The cost of new models has not yet been reported.


Photo: from open sources

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