Tesla is named as most dangerous company for investors

The company's shares are revalued even at the projected profitability level.

Tesla is named as most dangerous company for investors

This opinion belongs to the head of the analytical company NewConstructs David Trainer. His words are quoted by CNBC.

According to the analyst, even if Tesla implements any optimistic scenario that can be assumed for it, the share price will be too high for such a level of profitability. Current quotes, he said, do not correspond much to the share of the market that the company occupies.

This situation makes Tesla shares "one of the largest house of cards that is preparing to collapse." According to Trainer, the fair price of the company's shares is approximately 10% of their current price.

At the end of April, the founder and head of Tesla, Elon Musk, also stated that the value of the company was revalued. Then quotes fell by 10%.


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